Graphic designer / Motiongrapher / Art toy maker & Handcrafter based in Barcelona.

My work has been featured online in pages such as Fubiz, Vice, Yorokobu, AdobeBlog, Theinspirationgrid, Baronmag, Theinspiration, Thecreatorsproject, Catsuka, Fotolia, Creativeboom, Visualflood, Designtaxi among others.

I have also been featured in printed publications such as "The Making of Artistic Typefaces" by Sendponts (China), "TexWorld TrendBook" by Printemps (Paris & Frankfurt), "Inspire" Magazine (Taiwan) and "Photoshop Creative"​​​​​​​ Magazine (uk).

I have also been lucky to be part of  "Procesos Creativos" Conferences (Madrid), "Artist Spotlight" at Offf by Adobe (Barcelona) and "Vice Meets" by ViceSpain (Barcelona).

If you would like to work, collaborate or just say hi, please fill the contact form or just send me a message to alexpalazzicorella@gmail.com

Adobe / Paypal / Refinery29 / Bloomberg / Pepsico / Bentley / Jack Daniel’s / Movistar+ / Roca / Offf / Nespresso / Rossignol / Jovi / among others.

Agencies & Studios
Pentagram / McCann Erickson / BBDO / Mucho / Tigrelab / Blua / Heystudio / among others.

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